Rosewater and Pistachio Fairy Floss Fluffy Crunch Award Winning Bronze Medallist
Rosewater & Pistachio

Rosewater & Pistachio

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Rosewater flavoured fairy floss, dusted with crushed pistachios & topped with dried edible rose petals. Bronze Medallist as recognised at the 2018 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. Gluten free & vegan friendly. Contains Pistachio.

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Sweetest Indulgence

I first got to try the Rosewater & Pistachio flavour in my advent calendar, it was by far my favourite. So while coming up with ideas for a 2nd wedding anniversary gift for my husband, the theme is cotton- so obviously ‘cotton candy’ instantly came to mind. Then the lightbulb of joy of having the perfect excuse to order from Fluffy Crunch came on.

Rosewater and Pistachio is a beautiful complimentary combination of flavours, subtle and not overpowering as sometimes rosewater can be, its in a perfect balance.
It gives you that wonder of indulging in the fairy floss you loved as a kid with a flavour combination that still makes you feel like a grown up. ***Side note- goes beautifully with a champagne or a moscato- just saying ;)

Heavenly delight!

Rosewater & Postachio is by far my favourite flavour. The Rosewater is well balanced with the pistachio crumb and rose petals, perfect Mediterranean combination. Caution, it’s very addictive :)

Rose water and pistachio f

So yummy

Rosewater & Pistachio flavour

it was nice like the addition of the rose petals but my favourite flavour so far is Unicorn has it all. Addictive, great for adults and kids